Why Work With diverse suppliers?


Procuring goods and services from diverse vendors is not only ethically responsible, but also helps to support an agile supply chain, which in these changing times is all the more important for business. Simply put, supplier diversity is good for society. When local, underrepresented businesses are supported that money goes toward job creation in the community thereby boosting the local economy. By actively pursuing growth of your supply base to include diverse vendors you are increasing the opportunities for your business to advance. Innovation and creative perspectives come from diversity of thought. By leaving your typical supplier pools you may also discover new opportunities or developments to your current offerings. In these unpredictable times it is important to protect your supply chain and ensure the continuity of business. By having a broad, diverse network of suppliers your business will be more secure in changing times and will have the needed flexibility to adapt to the things we cannot control.

In addition there are US government (USG) programs that encourage, and sometimes require, the use and growth of small business. A company’s commitment to and performance in utilizing small & diverse business can impact the award of major USG acquisitions.  Corporations also need to consider other customers’requirements that impact their awards, as the USG is not the only entity flowing down these requirements. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense.


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